Congratulations to Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann for their Grammy wins! Also, congratulations to Travis Green, Jekalyn Carr, and William Murphy on their Grammy nominations!

It has been a busy year for Yosh. He currently has 6 of the top 10 songs on the Billboard Gospel Single Chart and 5 of the top 10 albums on the Billboard Gospel Album Chart with 4 others in the top 25. Those include Tamela Mann, Tasha Cobbs, Jekalyn Carr, Bishop Paul Morton, Travis Green, Anthony Brown, Donnie McClurkin, Anthony Brown, William Murphy, Vashawn Mitchell, Kenny Lattimore, and Kirk Franklin. He has also mixed records for Stephen Brown, Montel Thomas, Anthony Evans, Larry Trice, Gates Praise, Chicago Mass Choir, and Jeffrey Cavataio, as well as songs for Phil Bryant, Myron Butler, Bryan Popin, Nyasha Thodhlana, Brandon Mitchell, Tony Bush and the Deacs, Marty Taylor, Miranda Willis, Ruth La’Ontra, Kim Stratton, Ang White, Da’Dra, and The Rock Church. Yosh had the opportunity to mix songs produced by Tim Lauer for the new TV show Greenleaf on the Oprah network as well as the song “On My Way” for the show Nashville.

Recently, John has worked with some talented artists from the UK including, Noel Robinson (produced by God-I-Am and Les Moir), Benjamin Bocconi (produced by Fabio D’Andrea), Syann Thompson (produced by David Milligan), and Kensington Temple (produced by Fabio D’Andrea, David Milligan, and Joe Rodwell).

Yosh has also started working in conjunction with Alex Greene and Doug Kahan from Greene Group, bringing his experience as a producer, engineer, and mixer to help develop artists.


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